Marites Chico

“I was busy working in my fish stall one fine day when I noticed a young lady talking to my co-storekeeper and I observed that she was very passionate about what she was telling and I got curious and joined the conversation.” 

I am Marites Chico, a client of Pagasa since 2016.  The young lady I am talking about is a staff member of Pagasa Philippines. She was in Frisco public market to promote their company and encourage us to avail of Pagasa’s products and services. The passion I witnessed from her on that day got me convinced to try Pagasa. Ten of us joined Pagasa group and we were so happy that we did. Pagasa’s minimum requirements in processing my loan, no hidden cost plus low interest and the weekly payment are what I liked most; Pagasa is truly for the entrepreneurial poor like me.

My first loan in Pagasa was Php 20,000.00 and since I am a good payor I was able to enjoy the Php 5,000.00 increase in my loan renewal.  My current loan now is Php 50,000.00 and I am on my 8th cycle.  Our weekly meeting is every Thursday and our group name is Banana.

My fish stall is already 30 years old and I started with a small capital, with the help of Pagasa. By approving my loan I was able to gradually increase my profit and was able to have two more stalls. My husband and my children helped me in our business. My business’ worth is almost Php 150,000.00 and my family and I are enjoying bigger income and were able to save as well. My dreams are to have more stalls, to own a house, car and to be able to travel to other countries with my family.

I am very grateful to Pagasa for being my partner in my business for three years and I hope to be with them for as long as possible.

Ma. Concepcion Santos – Marikina Branch

“My husband and I wanted to continue the legacy of their family by ensuring that their shoe business will live on – for us, for our children and our future grandchildren.”

We were blessed that we did not experience the struggles of a newly established enterprise. We are fortunate that we have a regular order from our partner who distributes our shoes to different stores, when the orders come-in that’s the time that we need a big capital to buy raw materials. We can collect payments from our partner after completion of delivery.

A neighbour who is also in a shoe business recommended Pagasa; she had nice words about Pagasa’s products, services, and policies. Also, the staff are very accommodating and respectful to us. I became a client of Pagasa in 2008 and I have a very pleasant experience with them and it’s been 11 years and I hope to stay longer with Pagasa.

In the 11 years, I have seen and experienced the changes and growth of Pagasa and was very fortunate because one of my children even became a scholar of Pagasa last 2018.  Pagasa helped our family in so many ways – financial and social aspects.

Thank you, Pagasa!

Naneth Sadon – Malita Branch

I started my banana cue business with an initial capital of Php 2,000.00 and my income was 100% of my capital but it was not enough to support me and my daughter with our daily expenses and her schooling. I am a single mom.

I knew I had to do something and I asked for the Lord’s guidance.  My prayers were answered through Pagasa Philippines. When they conducted a survey in our place and told us about their products and services, my hopes were rekindled for a microfinance institution would give us a chance to have a better life.

We formed a group with initially 15 members and I vowed to myself that I would use the money wisely and would be a good client of Pagasa. My first loan of Pagasa was Php 4,000.00 and that was six years ago, today my current loan is Php 39,000.00. From a banana cue business, now my business is a mini grocery store.

I owe everything to Pagasa Philippines, without them I would still be the same woman selling banana cue and would not be able to provide a decent life for my daughter.

What I liked about Pagasa? – A lot! The staff’s treatment to us, it is always with respect. The fast processing of our loan renewal – two weeks maximum, the weekly group meeting where we pay our weekly amortization and are updated on the news regarding Pagasa, the once a year gathering where we meet other clients, the validation that happens every loan renewal so that they know and see the growth of our business and Pagasa always thinks of our welfare by offering us other services like insurance and the assistance they are providing through their Corporate Social Responsibility .